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Aurinko & Kuu

The Finnish Metal Scene
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N o r t h e r n - C h a o s

A community for those who share the love for FINNISH metal.

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- Please introduce yourself upon joining, include the following shit
and add some of your own if you will...
[Age, gender, location, favorite Finnish bands,
how did you come to hear of them and have you ever been to their shows?...]

- If you have any pictures of yourself it'd be nice if you posted some.
This is not 100% required but you know... do as you wish.

- Remember to be active. If you aren't - you will be kicked out.
Read the post under the memories section, thank you!

- Post post post! And comment... Discuss your favorite bands, share live experiences, pictures, opinions, promote local bands [if you live in Finland] etc. etc.

- Do not promote any unrelated communities (or other shit). Promoting band related stuff is okay for most of the time but if it bothers me, it must be removed.

If you want anything added on the interests list,
feel free to contact me @ hiiekoda and I'll add everything suitable.

Do not fucking add this community to your friends list unless you fucking join!!

Also, do not complain if I decide to kick some members out. I have the right to do so because I did not create this community just for the sake of it, it has a fucking purpose. If you aren't going to be active do not bother to join. We want members who are able to post and comment. The idea is to let other people know about new and not so well known bands as well as share their opinions, experiences, pictures, and whatever else related to Finnish metal.

...and oceans, ajattara, alexi laiho, alghazanth, amoral, amorphis, arthemesia, atakhama, azaghal, barathrum, beherit, behexen, black metal, carcase inc., charon, children of bodom, chthonian, darkwoods my betrothed, dauntless, death du jour, death metal, deepred, demigod, diablo, doom metal, drinking, end of you, enochian crescent, ensiferum, entwine, eternal tears of sorrow, exit wounds, falchion, festivals, finland, finlandia vodka, finntroll, for my pain..., funeral feast, funeris nocturnum, gloria, godsplague, hateform, hellbox, horna, impaled nazarene, insomnium, jari mäenpää, jonne järvelä, kilpi, klubi, korpiklaani, kotiteollisuus, kylähullut, local bands, luciferase, maggottholamia, marco hietala, mitja harvilahti, mokoma, moonsorrow, nightside, nightwish, norther, nosturi, omnium gatherum, pain confessor, pasi koskinen, petri lindroos, poisonblack, power metal, progressive metal, reverend bizarre, roope latvala, rotten sound, ruisrock, salmiakkikossu, satanic warmaster, sauna, sauna open air, scent of flesh, sentenced, shadow cut, shaman, shape of despair, sinergy, slugathor, sonata arctica, sotajumala, source of demise, stam1na, stratovarius, suomi, tarot, tavastia, tenhi, teräsbetoni, the savijärvelä brothers, throes of dawn, thyrane, to/die/for, torn, torture killer, trollheims grott, trolls, tuomas holopainen, turmion kätilöt, tuska open air, twilight moon, verjnuarmu, viikate, vikings, ville sorvali, virulent blessing, vreth, warhorn, whiskey bar, wintersun, witheria, xysma