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Paganfest - Koko, Camden

Just thought I'd post a few pictures of this - it was a great gig!

The venue, which I've not been to before, is lovely! It's an old theatre, and is all painted red, with gorgeous boxes with chandeliers round the sides. I was very impressed too by the lack of waiting for bands. The first band, Tyr, came on not long after we got inside, and I don't think there was more than 20mins gap between any of them! Tyr only played 5 songs, and were a bit lacklustre, but were followed by Eluveitie (who had apparently been bumped up from openers) who were absolutely superb, and really got the crowd going.

Moonsorrow followed, and personally I didn't think they sounded as good as they do on record. The majority of the crowd seemed to agree because it quietened down quite a lot from the previous set. However Korpiklaani really livened things up, and I'm not just saying that cos they're one of my favourite bands! From the moment they opened with Wooden Pints, they had us all bouncing around and singing along, and crying out for more (beer, beer!). Even the instrumental track Pellonpekko didn't fail to please.

Ensiferum rounded off the night superbly, although I think it was noticeable that the older tracks such as Lai Lai Hei and Guardians of Fate got a slightly better reception.

All in all, a very good night.

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