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Hi. ^^

Name- Hey, I'm Attiqah, and I'm 17 this year. Female, in case you are not too sure about my name.

Location- I live in Singapore, a small island off the coast of Malaysia, in South East Asia. Singapore's pretty okay, but one thing that I hate is that it is INSANELY hard to find non-mainstream stuff, and that includes metal. There are a few shops selling metal, but only the softer, more mainstream stuff.

Favourites- Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius and Nightwish. I'm still a newbie at metal, only discovered the genre late last year when I listed to Sonata Arctica on a random blog. When I listed more and got a few more songs, that's when I was hooked. It was as if something in my life just clicked and since then I've never looked back. As I've said, Singapore is still a pretty conservative society and its hard to find CDs of the rarer bands. I checked in all the major CD shops and I found 1. 1 measly Sonata Album hiding in the lower shelves. If any of the bands I've mentioned ever came, I would check the sky to see if pigs are flying.

I thought I might as well post this peice of info, however sad it makes me.
Stratovarius - Call It Quits

Thanks, and hope to participate more in the community.

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